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Power 100 for 2024: The most influential professionals in Central Mass.

A group of 59 well-dressed professionals sit on a large stage together, looking at the camera.
Photo | Matt Wright Members of the 2024 Power 100 list at Mechanics Hall in Worcester

Every year when the WBJ newsroom staff begins the lengthy process to determine the power players in the Central Massachusetts business community, we ask ourselves one key question: Who most effectively wielded their power to influence the economy in the last 12 months? It doesn’t matter how much power they hold, or whether they wielded it for good or ill. Being included in WBJ’s Power 100 is all about leveraging your power to have outsize influence on the region, whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a global operation with thousands of employees.

This year’s Power 100 is an expansion of previous years’ Power 50 lists. This extended edition provides more information for you, the reader, to understand how the Central Massachusetts business community operates, the major events in the past year, the upcoming trends in the economy, and who are the high-profile people making major moves. You’ll want to get to know them.

[Note: The Power 100 profiles below are grouped by industry. For an alphabetical list, click here.]

WBJ Web Partners

Health Care

  • Rachel Blessington
    Rachel Blessington
    Certified nurse midwife, founder & executive director at Worcester Community Midwifery
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  • Lou Brady
    Lou Brady
    President & CEO of the Family Health Center of Worcester
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  • Dr. Eric Dickson
    Dr. Eric Dickson
    President & CEO of UMass Memorial Health
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  • Paula Fitzpatrick
    Paula Fitzpatrick
    Director of the Center for Well-Being at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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  • Kurt Isaacson
    Kurt Isaacson
    President & CEO of Spectrum Health Systems
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  • Carolyn Jackson
    Carolyn Jackson
    CEO of Saint Vincent Hospital
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  • Edward Kelly
    Edward Kelly
    President & CEO of Milford Regional Medical Center
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  • Steve Kerrigan
    Steve Kerrigan
    President & CEO of Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center
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  • Debra Maddox
    Debra Maddox
    Founder, president & CEO of the Multicultural Wellness Center
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  • Dominique Muldoon
    Dominique Muldoon
    Co-chair of the Saint Vincent Hospital Nurses Local Bargaining Unit at the Massachusetts Nurses Association
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  • Rozanna Penney
    Rozanna Penney
    President & CEO of Heywood Healthcare
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  • Mary Craig Ritter
    Mary Craig Ritter
    Chief strategy & government programs officer for Fallon Health
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Real Estate

  • Anthony Consigli
    Anthony Consigli
    CEO of Consigli Construction, in Milford
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  • Marc Dohan
    Marc Dohan
    Executive director of NewVue Communities
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  • Cheryl Eidinger-Taylor
    Cheryl Eidinger-Taylor
    President & COO of ERA Key Realty Services
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  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs
    Managing principal of NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs
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  • William Kelleher IV and James Umphrey
    William Kelleher IV and James Umphrey
    Manager partner (Kelleher) and president (Umphrey) of Kelleher & Sadowsky Associates
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  • Chip Norton
    Chip Norton
    President & owner of Franklin Realty Advisors
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  • John Tocco
    John Tocco
    Managing partner of V10 Development
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Manufacturing & Technology

  • Parth Chakrabarti
    Parth Chakrabarti
    Executive vice chancellor, innovation & business development of UMass Chan Medical School
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  • Raffi Garabedian
    Raffi Garabedian
    Co-founder & CEO of Electric Hydrogen
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  • Bob Mumgaard
    Bob Mumgaard
    Co-founder & CEO of Commonwealth Fusion Systems
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  • Girish Navani
    Girish Navani
    CEO of eClinicalWorks
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  • Mike O’Kronley
    Mike O’Kronley
    CEO of Ascend Elements
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  • Aimee Peacock
    Aimee Peacock
    CEO of Flexcon Global
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  • Mark Schwartz
    Mark Schwartz
    Former CFO of Workhuman
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  • Jon Weaver
    Jon Weaver
    President & CEO of Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives
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  • Donald Young
    Donald Young
    President & CEO of Aspen Aerogels
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  • Andrea Bazarian
    Andrea Bazarian
    Principal of the Nativity School of Worcester
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  • Dr. Michael Collins
    Dr. Michael Collins
    Chancellor of UMass Chan Medical School
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  • Barry Maloney
    Barry Maloney
    President of Worcester State University
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  • Rachel Monarrez
    Rachel Monarrez
    Superintendent of Worcester Public Schools
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  • Vincent Rougeau
    Vincent Rougeau
    President of the College of the Holy Cross
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  • Grace Wang
    Grace Wang
    President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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  • Greg Weiner
    Greg Weiner
    President of Assumption University
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Food, Drink & Marijuana

  • Dani Babineau
    Dani Babineau
    CEO and co-founder of Redemption Rock Brewing
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  • Allie Catlin
    Allie Catlin
    Co-owner of Smith's Country Cheese
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  • Caroline Frankel
    Caroline Frankel
    President of Caroline's Cannabis
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  • Vincent Hemmeter
    Vincent Hemmeter
    President & owner of Ralph's Rock Diner and Vincent's Bar
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  • Sam Hendler
    Sam Hendler
    CEO & co-founder of Jack's Abby Craft Lagers
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  • Jason Reposa
    Jason Reposa
    Founder & CEO of Good Feels
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  • Danielle Spring and Julie Toupin-Spring
    Danielle Spring and Julie Toupin-Spring
    Owners of Femme
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Arts & Destinations

  • Amy Chase
    Amy Chase
    Owner of the Crompton Collective and The Haberdash
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  • Ralph Crowley Jr.
    Ralph Crowley Jr.
    President & CEO of Polar Beverages
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  • Lisa Fiorentino
    Lisa Fiorentino
    CEO of Groton Hill Music Center
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  • Stephen Genatossio
    Stephen Genatossio
    Owner of Sneakerama
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  • Khalil Guzman-Jerry
    Khalil Guzman-Jerry
    Owner of theWorcesterWorkshop
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  • Gloria Hall
    Gloria Hall
    Preservationist & public art administrator at Gloria D Hall & Art in the Park
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  • Larue Renfroe
    Larue Renfroe
    President & owner of New England Sports Center
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  • Clifford Rucker
    Clifford Rucker
    Founder of Rucker Investments
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  • Troy Siebels
    Troy Siebels
    President & CEO of The Hanover Theatre & Conservatory
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  • Henry Tessman
    Henry Tessman
    General manager of Great Wolf Lodge New England
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Money & Finance

  • Stephen Adams
    Stephen Adams
    President & CEO of Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts
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  • Don Doyle
    Don Doyle
    President & CEO of Webster Five
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  • Pete Dunn
    Pete Dunn
    President & CEO of Greater Worcester Community Foundation
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  • Carla McCall
    Carla McCall
    Managing partner of AAFCPAs
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  • David McLaren
    David McLaren
    Founder & managing partner of McLaren & Associates CPAs
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  • Satya Mitra
    Satya Mitra
    President & CEO of The Guru Tax and Financial Services
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  • Shruti Miyashiro
    Shruti Miyashiro
    President & CEO of Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU)
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  • John "Jack" Roche
    John "Jack" Roche
    President & CEO of The Hanover Insurance Group
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  • Amie	Shei
    Amie Shei
    President & CEO of The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Elizabeth Cruz
    Elizabeth Cruz
    President of the Latin American Business Organization
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  • Marlina Duncan
    Marlina Duncan
    Chief diversity officer and vice chancellor for diversity & inclusion at UMass Chan Medical School
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  • Brian Gibbs
    Brian Gibbs
    Vice president and chief diversity, equity & inclusion officer at UMass Memorial Health
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  • Jessica Pepple
    Jessica Pepple
    Chief diversity & culture officer of the RFK Community Alliance
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  • Adriana Vaccaro
    Adriana Vaccaro
    CEO of Culture Redesigned
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  • Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham
    Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham
    DEI strategist at Promoting Good
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Community Development

  • Kola Akindele
    Kola Akindele
    Associate vice president, external relations & partnerships at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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  • David Bagdon
    David Bagdon
    Publisher of the Community Advocate newspaper at Bagdon Advertising
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  • Joseph Corazzini
    Joseph Corazzini
    Vice president of government and community affairs at Clark University
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  • Travis Duda
    Travis Duda
    Co-founder & creative director of HBG Branding + Design and the No Jerks Network
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  • Peter Dunn
    Peter Dunn
    Chief development officer for the City of Worcester
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  • Meredith Harris
    Meredith Harris
    Executive director of the Marlborough Economic Development Corp.
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  • Jeannie Hebert
    Jeannie Hebert
    President & CEO of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce
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  • Jennifer Julien Gaskin
    Jennifer Julien Gaskin
    President & founder of the Worcester Caribbean American Carnival Association
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  • Sue Mailman
    Sue Mailman
    President of Coghlin Electrical Contractors
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  • Michael McDermott
    Michael McDermott
    Executive editor of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette
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  • Timothy Murray
    Timothy Murray
    President & CEO of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce
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  • Roy Nascimento
    Roy Nascimento
    President & CEO of the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce
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  • Kimberly Salmon
    Kimberly Salmon
    Assistant vice president of community relations for The Hanover Insurance Group
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Global Business

  • Udit Batra
    Udit Batra
    President & CEO of Waters Corp.
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  • Eric Busenburg
    Eric Busenburg
    President of Euro-American Worldwide Logistics
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  • Rita & Jay Kapur
    Rita & Jay Kapur
    Presidents of Aimtech and Atech Turbine Components
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  • Michael Mahoney
    Michael Mahoney
    Chairman & CEO of Boston Scientific
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  • Maurice Phelan
    Maurice Phelan
    President of Sartorius North America
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  • Angela Bovill
    Angela Bovill
    President & CEO of Ascentria Care Alliance
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  • Julie Bowditch
    Julie Bowditch
    Executive director of CASA Project Worcester County
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  • Kory	Eng
    Kory Eng
    President & CEO of the United Way of North Central Massachusetts
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  • Tim Garvin
    Tim Garvin
    President & CEO of United Way of Central Massachusetts
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  • Kathleen Jordan
    Kathleen Jordan
    President & CEO of Seven Hills Foundation
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  • Tiffany Lillie
    Tiffany Lillie
    CEO of Girls Inc. of Worcester
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  • Jessica Sassi
    Jessica Sassi
    President & CEO of New England Center for Children
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  • Eric Batista
    Eric Batista
    City manager for the City of Worcester
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  • Meg Delorier
    Meg Delorier
    Interim executive vice president for Devens operations, and director of military initiatives for MassDevelopment
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  • Mike Nicholson
    Mike Nicholson
    Mayor of the City of Gardner
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  • Sam Squailia
    Sam Squailia
    Mayor of the City of Fitchburg
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